How to create a Splash Screen using Kotlin

A splash screen is the first launching activity of the applications which waits for certain seconds and go to the next page either to login page or home page of the application. Splash screen is common to most of the mobile applications . 

In the android splash screen is use to display any image or any application icon when the application is going to start first it will display the splash screen after that it will display our application concept.

In Nows days SplashScreen is used in may application so we will see the how to create that screen.

Step 1: Create a new project and give the appropriate name.

  • Select File -> New -> New Project. Fill the forms and click “Finish” button.

Step 2: Create Another Activity using this path (Open app -> java -> Right Click -> New Activity -> Empty Activity)

Step 3:  Open res -> layout -> XML (or) splash_screen.xml and add following code.


Step 4:  Open res -> layout -> XML (or) activity_main.xml and add following code.


Step 5:  Open app -> kotlinclass-> package and open Splash_Screen.kt and add the following code.


Step 6:  Open app -> kotlinclass-> package and open Main_Activity.kt and add the following code.




  • Now run the app in Emulator and click on the button. You will see Splash Screen.




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