Activity Lifecycle in Android

Android Activity Lifecycle is controlled by 7 techniques for android app Activity class. The android Activity is the subclass of ContextThemeWrapper class.

A movement is the single screen in android. It resembles window or casing of Java.

By the assistance of movement, you can put all your UI segments or gadgets in a solitary screen.

The 7 lifecycle technique for Activity depicts how action will carry on at various states.


onCreate called when activity is first created.
onStart called when activity is becoming visible to the user.
onResume called when activity will start interacting with the user.
onPause called when activity is not visible to the user.
onStop called when activity is no longer visible to the user.
onRestart called after your action is halted, preceding begin.
onDestroy called before the activity is destroyed.

Example Of ActivityLifeCycle :-



Output Of Activity Lifecycle:-


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