How to use Date Picker Dialog in Android

Android Date picker are utilized a considerable measure in android applications. In this instructional exercise we’ll exhibit the utilization of a Date Picker Dialog in our android application. These parts are utilized to choose date in an altered UI. We will utilize DatePickerDialog classes with Calender class in our android application code to accomplish this.

The DatePickerDialog class comprises of a 5 contention constructor with the parameters recorded underneath.



1. Context: It requires the application context

2. CallBack Function: onDateSet() is conjured when the client sets the date with the accompanying parameters:

  • int year : It will be store the current chose year from the exchange
  • int monthOfYear : It will be store the current chose month from the exchange
  • int dayOfMonth : It will be store the current chose day from the exchange

3. int mYear : It demonstrates the present year that is unmistakable when the exchange flies up

4. int mMonth : It demonstrates the present month that is noticeable when the exchange flies up

5. int mDay : It demonstrates the present day that is unmistakable when the discourse flies up


Example Of Date Picker :



 OutPut :-

Date Picker


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